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Will your facilitator get you the results you want?

No doubt about it: an outside expert can help you bring your strategic conversation to life, refocus your efforts, introduce useful concepts and fresh ways of thinking to your firm ... and shift your strategy from good to great. So surely if you're going to take time...

Start right to get the right stuff done

The proof is everywhere: companies are better at talking than doing. They know strategy is important, and put a lot of effort into it, but then just can't get the right things done. For all their action lists, KPIs, KRAs, compacts, dashboards and scorecards, their...

How managers trap themselves in a cycle of self-destruction

No leader in their right mind would deliberately take their company on a suicide mission. No one would initiate projects, programmes or activities that would foul up their organization's culture, operations or results. Or agree to major commitments that would be a...

Why visionary leadership might be the last thing you need right now

The Bible tells us, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." According to Steven Covey, one of the "seven habits of highly effective people" is to "begin with the end in mind." Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Robbins, and countless other self-help gurus have pitched...

How leaders train their people to fail

It goes without saying that leaders are driven to succeed—to do the best they can for both themselves and their organizations. It also goes without saying that they expect their people to succeed—to do well in the jobs they're paid for, meet and exceed targets, handle...

Rules for strategists

Every company today faces growing uncertainty and complexity. Executives are under increasing pressure. Employees are nervy, and many are not fully engaged in their work. So how do you stay competitive and keep producing results? What you don't need now is another...

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The Management Challenge: South Africa in the new World

A selection of articles by Tony Manning (1998)

  • Radical Strategy™: The meta principles
  • SA faces new wave of hostile competition
  • Why SA’s exports don’t take off
  • Beating the business blues
  • Cost-cutting alone is not a winning strategy
  • Growth in tough times
  • Radical Strategy™: The new marketing mantra
  • Crafting the corporate conversation
  • Customer service by design
  • Customer service by dictate
  • Strategic planning makes a comeback
  • Questions of strategy


Thoughts on Strategy

A selection of articles by Tony Manning (2000)

  • Managers need a new approach to strategy
  • New wave of innovations ahead
  • Leaders must lead
  • Fast strategy needed for times of rapid change
  • Technology can’t take the place of the human touch
  • Great brands begin with business basics
  • Questions of strategy
  • Strategic Conversation: No.1 management tool for the new century



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