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Straight talk. Simplicity. Action. Impact.

No buzzwords. No bullshit. 

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  • Simplify your strategy process…and simplify your strategy
  • Identify the key strategic levers that drive performance
  • Craft a winning value proposition
  • Build an agile business model that brings sales and profits
  • Align and energise your team…and keep them motivated
  • Use 30-day plans to close the gap between strategy and action
  • Build the strengths you need for the future
  1. 30+ years of experience from the C-suite to the shop-floor, with leading companies across a wide range of industries and assignments
  2. A practical strategy process based on the latest management thinking, ongoing research—and common-sense
  3. A unique ability to cut through complexity, home in on your most pressing strategic challenge, and define the actions that will make the difference between winning and losing
  4. A deep understanding of global and local trends and issues affecting business

Based on inputs from your team, I’ll develop a “strategy snapshot” that will help you focus and speed up your strategic conversation, make decisions essential to your successand outperform your competition

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