Get the strategy you need for the results you want.

Straight talk. Simplicity. Action. Impact.

No buzzwords. No bullshit. 

As a leading strategy consultant, my special skill is in cutting through complexity, helping you focus on what really matters, and simplifying your strategy so you can turn it into action.

I’ve dealt with just about every kind of business problem imaginable. I’m armed with extensive knowledge about the latest management concepts and trends. And I make sense of strategy in a way that’ll make sense to you.

  • Uniquely simple, sound, and practical approach to strategy design and execution
  • +30 years of experience from the C-suite to the shop-floor, with leading companies across a wide range of industries and assignments
  • Constant monitoring of global and local trends and issues affecting business
  • The latest and most useful management thinking and tools, plus ongoing research—and common-sense

Despite the complexities inherent in any strategic conversation, Tony continues to demonstrate his uncanny abilities in guiding us through a path that keeps these conversations simple and sensible. 

He achieves that by helping us focus on a few drivers that are basic to our business and through which we can make a noticeable differenceManaging Director

  • Simplify your strategy process—and your strategy
  • Focus on the few strategic levers that drive performance
  • Craft a winning value proposition
  • Build an agile business model that brings sales and profits in a tough environment
  • Align and energise your team…and keep them motivated
  • Use 30-day plans to close the gap between strategy and action
  • Build the competitive strengths you need for the future

Use my simple, sound and practical approach to cut through complexity, craft and conduct an effective strategic conversation—and outperform your competition.

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