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Simplify your strategy for new growth and profits.

Get the winning edge through Powerful Strategic Conversation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world into turmoil, and upended virtually every aspect of our lives. The business environment is in the midst of tumultuous changes–with more shocks to come. The global economy has been brought to a dead stop, and years of slow growth lie ahead. 

Many companies have taken a massive hit to sales and profits. There will be both winners and losers in the years ahead. But no matter how well or how badly you’re doing today, a STRATEGY RESET is now a matter of extreme urgency. That means a critical rethink of not just your strategy, but equally important, of how you create and execute your strategy.

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As a leading independent strategist, best-selling author, and incisive and provocative management thinker, I bring unique and valuable strengths to your business.

Whether in one-on-one meetings, team briefings, a once-off workshop or a long-term consulting partnership, I’ll help you and your colleagues rethink your ideas about strategy—and make your future a matter of choice, not chance.

My special skill is in cutting through complexity, simplifying your your strategy, helping you focus on the few actions that will make the biggest impact, and providing the discipline you need to execute fast and effectively.



My way is no doubt different to others you’ve tried, for three reasons:

First, there’s the strategy expertise I’ve developed through years of dealing with a wide range of complex, high-stakes problems, across industries and companies. The lessons I’ve learned could be invaluable to you.

Second, is my unique approach to creating and executing strategy through Powerful Strategic Conversation. It’s simple, sound, and practical. No buzzwords. No bullshit.

Third, is the robust way I challenge you and your team and help orchestrate your decisions and actions. In no-holds-barred conversations, we’ll dig deep into your organization for new sources of advantage, capture new learning fast, and drive essential action.

By combining the knowledge and experience that exists inside your organization with the questions, insights, advice, and solutions that I bring from outside, you’ll move the needle the right way. Your team will learn a great deal about strategy. And your firm will be set for the future.

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“Strategic conversation” has become a cliche in business, carelessly applied to almost any and every discussion about strategy. But what I call “Powerful Strategic Conversation” is something else altogether. Not just idle chit-chat, it has the potential to give you not one, but multiple outcomes. Put it at the heart of everything you do, and the way you do everything, and you’ll be free of the need for a grab-bag of management tools and interventions, while dramatically improving your effectiveness and competitiveness.

Strategy is a serious matter—and more so in turbulent times. So best you take it seriously and work with a seasoned strategist who’ll provide sound guidance and practical solutions

As countless clients have found, I make sense of strategy in a way that’ll make sense to you. Like them, you’ll appreciate how fast you get to the decisions you need—and the quality of answers you get.

Tony Manning has helped our executives to regain confidence and true management control of their businesses in volatile and changing circumstances. I can thoroughly recommend him to assist any business with its strategic overhaul or repositioning exerciseChairman

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Despite the complexities inherent in any strategic conversation, Tony continues to demonstrate his uncanny abilities in guiding us through a path that keeps these conversations simple and sensible.

He achieves that by helping us focus on a few drivers that are basic to our business and through which we can make a noticeable differenceManaging Director



  • Simplify your strategy process—and your strategy
  • Focus on the few strategic levers that drive performance
  • Create the new value you need to capture and keep today’s ultra-frugal customers
  • Build an agile business model that brings sales and profits in a tough environment
  • Align and energize your team—even if they’re not in the office—and keep them on a track and motivated
  • Use 30-day plans to close the gap between strategy and action
  • Build the competitive strengths you need for the future

Use my simple, sound and practical approach to cut through complexity, craft and conduct a Powerful Strategic Conversation—and outperform your competition.

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