The business environment is in turmoil

Sales and profits are under pressure

Disruption threatens every company

Finding the right strategy is harder than ever

Complexity is your enemy


I can help you cut through the mess, to get the strategy you need. 

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I bring almost 30 years of experience with hundreds of companies and a wide range of assignments to your challenges.

I’ll help you apply the 8 critical strategy practices that give you the winning edge.

I’ll work closely with you to:

  1. Simplify the way you make strategy…and the strategy you choose
  2. Craft and conduct a winning strategic conversation
  3. Identify the strategic priorities that will make the difference
  4. Develop a value proposition that really set you apart
  5. Explore game-changing business model innovations
  6. Use 30-day plans to close the gap between strategy and action


The Critical Strategy Practices encompass virtually everything you must do to compete. They’ve always been key to business performance, and always will be. They apply to every company in every industry and every part of the world. Singly or together, they underpin almost every “new” idea about management. This is what managers must do.

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