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Eurozone meltdown is tripping the world into decades of trouble

The news out of Europe is terrible. Day by day, things get more dire. However difficult the past four years were, there's much worse to come. As The Economist puts it (May 12), "the night terrors are back." First quarter growth for Germany came in at 0.5%; the...

Reuel Khoza: involving business in politics

Governments and business everywhere live in a state of tension. Neither behaves exactly as the other would wish. They have different agendas and different ways of meeting their goals. They need each other, but mostly don’t like each other. In some countries, they do...

Why do we make management so damned hard?

Managing a business of any size is a hell of a job. The world is a complex and dangerous place. Change is constant. There are surprises around every corner. And there's unending pressure to perform through good times and bad. Companies are complex, too. And the bigger...

Competing in the age of copying and convergence

The market shares of South Africa's four big banks—Standard Bank, Absa, First National Bank, and Nedbank—go up and down, but with few big swings. Despite government pressure to do more for the bottom end of the market, and some stabs at doing so, all have continued to...

Samsung’s designs on Africa will have global spin-offs

When Samsung announced in mid-2010 that to grow its business in Africa, it would design products specifically for Africa, it confirmed two facts about global competition today: As growth in developed markets gets more difficult, firms must seek and exploit...

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The Management Challenge: South Africa in the new World

A selection of articles by Tony Manning (1998)

  • Radical Strategy™: The meta principles
  • SA faces new wave of hostile competition
  • Why SA’s exports don’t take off
  • Beating the business blues
  • Cost-cutting alone is not a winning strategy
  • Growth in tough times
  • Radical Strategy™: The new marketing mantra
  • Crafting the corporate conversation
  • Customer service by design
  • Customer service by dictate
  • Strategic planning makes a comeback
  • Questions of strategy


Thoughts on Strategy

A selection of articles by Tony Manning (2000)

  • Managers need a new approach to strategy
  • New wave of innovations ahead
  • Leaders must lead
  • Fast strategy needed for times of rapid change
  • Technology can’t take the place of the human touch
  • Great brands begin with business basics
  • Questions of strategy
  • Strategic Conversation: No.1 management tool for the new century



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