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Self-inflicted strategy dilemmas

Strategy is the first and most important responsibility of business leaders. But although it’s a big deal in most companies of any size, it’s a major weakness in many of them and they get less from it than they think. Research by McKinsey & Co. has shown...

What your company must excel at

My motto is, "If you don't make a difference, you don't matter." Business competitiveness is all about making a difference. So key questions in strategy are: "What is our difference?" "Why does it matter?" and "How will we deliver?" Any firm wanting to be successful...

When managers doubt strategy

Strategic planning has a long history—and a dismal track record. Just about every company does it, obviously because they think it's important, yet it's value is highly questionable. Ask almost any senior manager, "Is planning important to your company?" and you'll...

Winning in emerging markets

When developed economies slumped as a result of the financial meltdown which began in 2007, companies everywhere scrambled frantically to find new markets for their goods and services. Overnight, "emerging" markets (developing nations) became everyone's target. By the...

Disruptive strategy needs a rethink

Disruption must surely be the hottest strategy concept of the past decade. But it is less of a breakthrough than it's made out to be. And it may unnecessarily impede your strategic thinking. The idea grew out of a study by Joseph Bower and Clayton Christensen, both...

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The Management Challenge: South Africa in the new World

A selection of articles by Tony Manning (1998)

  • Radical Strategy™: The meta principles
  • SA faces new wave of hostile competition
  • Why SA’s exports don’t take off
  • Beating the business blues
  • Cost-cutting alone is not a winning strategy
  • Growth in tough times
  • Radical Strategy™: The new marketing mantra
  • Crafting the corporate conversation
  • Customer service by design
  • Customer service by dictate
  • Strategic planning makes a comeback
  • Questions of strategy


Thoughts on Strategy

A selection of articles by Tony Manning (2000)

  • Managers need a new approach to strategy
  • New wave of innovations ahead
  • Leaders must lead
  • Fast strategy needed for times of rapid change
  • Technology can’t take the place of the human touch
  • Great brands begin with business basics
  • Questions of strategy
  • Strategic Conversation: No.1 management tool for the new century



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