Designing and executing strategy is Job #1 for leaders. Today, it’s more important than ever that you do it well. But there’s a high cost to dabbling with every new approach you come across. So you need one that works—and that’ll work for you.

Use my unique strategic conversation framework to get the results you want, and to build the capabilities you need for the future

I’ll introduce you to a way of thinking about strategy that’s right for these times. One that brings together the best ideas about how to compete, how to deal with uncertainty, how to align and energize your people, and how to improve your performance.

Whether in a once-off workshop or a long-term consulting partnership, I’ll help you and your colleagues transform how you think about strategy—and make the future a matter of choice, not chance. 

My way is simple, sound and practical. It will get you to a strategy that’s simple, sound and practical too. 

Tony Manning has helped our executives to regain confidence and true management control of their businesses in volatile and changing circumstances. I can thoroughly recommend him to assist any business with its strategic overhaul or repositioning exerciseChairman


“Sustainable competitive advantage” was once the core notion in strategy—and the aim of every strategist. But in today’s knowledge-rich environment, most advantages have a short shelf-life. And because the only way to win is to rapidly and continuously adapt to change through a combination of improvement and innovation, companies are in a race to the future. (This was the theme of my 1991 book The Race To Learn, and has featured strongly in all my books since then.)

Getting there first obviously requires sound strategy. But designing one is often much easier than turning it into action. (A fact born out by global surveys that have CEOs consistently ranking execution as their greatest challenge.) So the ability to execute faster and better than your rivals can make the difference between success and failure.

The good news is that you need just one tool—strategic conversation—to deal with these challenges.

Strategy is a product of conversation. It’s an outcome of what gets talked about in an organization. So crafting and conducting an effective strategic conversation is the key to competitiveness.

Crafting is about design—about framing how you see the world, deciding where and how to compete, defining goals and actions, allocating resources.

Conducting is the ongoing process of adapting to new realities as you move forward. Of sensing what’s changing in and around your firm. Learning by doing. Applying new knowledge. Adjusting goals and actions. And shifting resources.

These activities rest on four key tenets:

  1. Developing and continually enhancing a STRATEGY MINDSET across your team.
  2. A FOCUS ON THE BASICS—of strategy, your industry and your company.
  3. A relentless drive to fight complexity through “SMART SIMPLICITY.”
  4. ACTION LEARNING to drive innovation and improvement, and rapidly gain new knowledge for competitive advantage.

Effective strategic conversation is synchronous, not sequential. There’s no gap between design and execution. The process of arriving at your strategy feeds into the execution process…and as you execute, you integrate what you learn back into your strategy. So you adapt in real time—not long after things have changed.

My unique approach to strategic conversation is the result of years of thought and experience. I started writing about the topic and using it with clients long before the term became popular. And unlike other management thinkers, who mostly see it only as a way of designing strategy, I’ll show you how to apply it holistically to strategy, leadership and change management. How to use it to build new strengths.

Every day brings new evidence from the world’s best business thinkers that this is what it takes to win. So give yourself a head-start with my proven approach. 


My no-nonsense approach will help you:

  • Think about the changes affecting the future of your business
  • Challenge your strategic logic and your sacred cows
  • Explore options for new growth
  • Unclutter your agenda and identify the high-impact issues that will make the most critical difference
  • Craft and conduct an effective strategic conversation
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage through deep learning and continuous innovation
  • Get the results you want much faster than you thought you could
  • Develop the strategy mindset of your team, so you can do your own strategizing in future.

You won’t get a drawn-out process, a lot of buzzwords and fads, theories you can’t use, or promises of yet another “silver bullet” to solve all your problems. What you will get is:

  • Straight talk
  • Experience and common sense
  • A simple, sound, and practical way of thinking about strategy
  • Valuable insights, ideas, and advice
  • Clarity about your future focus and priorities
  • A compelling “strategy story” that wins stakeholder support
  • 30-day action plans and certainty about who will do what
  • A systematic, disciplined process for tracking performance

I’ll help you craft and conduct the strategic conversation that will get you new resultsand do it faster and more easily than you imagine.

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