TM book4Your next strategy workshop could be one of the most important management events you’ll ever run. Things are tough out there, but there are incredible opportunities too. So you need a clear view about what to focus on—and a detailed plan to get it done without wheelspin. 

Having facilitated hundreds of workshops with top teams,  I know how to surface the right issues, identify the priorities that matter, and get buy-in for immediate action.

My way is simple, sound, and practical. It’ll help you get to a strategy that’s also simple, sound, and practical—exactly what you need in today’s difficult environment.


To be effective, a strategy workshop must focus on a clear problem or challenge. This defines your agenda, and determines the best process.

Preparation is key, so we first need to agree exactly what you want to achieve. It might also be smart to have your team do some “homework”, to get them thinking and get their insights and opinions. This ensures that we’ll we’ll get off to a fast start in the workshop, and don’t flail around trying to figure out why we’re there and what to talk about.

Your workshop will be shaped to meet your unique needs. We’ll structure it as best we can, but adjust it as we go. You won’t be locked into a packaged methodology that’s not right for you.

There’s no such thing as a “Step 1, Step 2, Step 3” approach that’ll automatically get you to a good strategy. That demands a lot more than just a simple tool.


Many people are excellent “meeting managers.” They’re great at indicating who should speak next, and writing up comments on a flipchart. But I  bring much more than that to a workshop.

What really makes the difference is my deep understanding of various management disciplines and the changing business environment, the experience I bring, and the strategic conversation I help you craft and conduct with your team.


Clients often tell me that their previous workshops ended with no firm decisions, no clear action plans, no assigned responsibilities. They had a lot of fun, but went away with unfinished business.

That’s a waste of time.

So I always try to close with all plans reduced to bite-sized chunks—to 30-day actions with specific people responsible for each. This makes work do-able; puts pressure into the system for rapid results; and gives you fast feedback on what’s working and what’s not, and how people are performing—and who is not. A simple idea with multiple results!

When I work on your strategy with you, I add insights, information, and ideas; provoke deep introspection; ensure that you challenge your sacred cows… and push for results that matter.

Developing strategy today is more difficult than ever. But the really hard work comes later, when you have to execute it. Some firms want me to come back once or twice to assist in review meetings, and ensure that the process is embedded. Others prefer a longer arrangement. But that’s up to you.

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