As an “objective outsider” I’ll help you cut through complexity, make hard choices, and create the simple, clear strategy you need. I’ll challenge your sacred cows, ask the tough questions, and provoke fresh thinking about the challenges you face and how to tackle them.

Over many years, I’ve developed a simple, sound, and practical approach to strategy making and execution, as well as a number of unique tools to help you:

  • Identify the issues you have to focus on
  • Set criteria that define your “right customer”
  • Develop a “difference that matters”
  • Design a winning business model
  • Make growth leadership a way of life
  • Get the results you want.

I frequently refer to my interactions with Tony as “getting juiced up—refuelling my tank. His ability to understand the complex technical and business issues we are dealing with, yet keep us focused on what will  truly sustain us in the future, is remarkableV-P Worldwide

  1. Specialist in strategy. This is all I do.
  2. Experience and knowledge. Extensive knowledge of the latest management trends and concepts, plus wide experience across industries and organizations. If you need to know what really works—and what doesn’t—we need to talk.
  3. Focus on execution … and results. Creating a new strategy may be the first step in making your company more competitive. But executing it is equally important—maybe even more so. I’ll help you to develop a sound strategy, turn it into 30-day actions … and keep the momentum going.
  4. Involvement that suits you. Sometimes, I work with a Chief Executive for just a few hours. In other cases, I facilitate an executive discussion or strategy workshop, then leave. Some firms want me to stay deeply involved for many months. And I work with a number of clients on an ongoing basis, returning when they need me to help them update their strategies or to check how they’re doing, share new information and ideas, and provide new insights. How long you work with me is up to you. But I have one iron-clad rule: when I can’t make a difference, I go away!
  5. Personal input. When you hire me, you get me … not an inexperienced assistant who’s learning the ropes, or an “associate” who may not be around tomorrow. This ensures that you get high-level advice and support from start to finish.

Along with guidance in crafting and conducting your strategic conversation, I offer insights and advice which could transform the way you operate. And I’ll help your team build their strategic IQ so they’re equipped to think and act strategically in the future.

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