Making and implementing strategy is always challenging. Today, it’s more important than ever that you do it well. You can’t afford to keep trying new approaches. You need one that works—and that’ll work for you.

Right now, Job #1 for most executives is not only to rethink their strategy, but also to rethink how they create and implement strategy. That’s Job #1 for me too.


Managers are overloaded with work—and overloaded with management tools. In their search for solutions to their problems, they run the risk of confusing themselves and paralyzing their organizations.

A lot of “thought leadership” in business is in fact thought followership. When you boil down a century or so of theories, the worthwhile stuff fills a thimble. It applies across countries, companies, and industries. So it’s vital to know what really matters, to focus on the few ideas that will make the biggest difference… and to master them.

I understand what tools are available. I also know what’s necessary in various circumstances—and what works. So I take you straight there, and never bog you down with popular but maybe useless concepts, frivolous activities, or consultant-speak.

Over the years, I’ve developed many unique and useful models, frameworks, and questionnaires. They’re all based on solid research and proven principles, and have been extensively field-tested. I’ve also developed ways of thinking about management that will help you and your team craft and conduct your strategic conversation to get the results you want.

In my two most recent books, I have shown how little progress has been made in management “thought leadership” over the past 100 years, and I’ve identified 8 critical strategy practices that have stood the test of time, and that apply to all companies everywhere.

What’s Wrong With Management
And How to Get It Right
(Penguin Random House 2015)



The Critical Core (Penguin Random House 2017)



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