As an independent strategy consultant, I help companies design and execute growth strategies for these wild times.

My special skill is in cutting through complexity, helping you focus on what really matters, and simplifying your strategy so you can make it happen.

Having dealt with every kind of business problem imaginable, and armed with a deep understanding of the latest management concepts and trends, I make sense of strategy in a way that’ll make sense to you.

Tony Manning has helped our executives to regain confidence and true management control of their businesses in volatile and changing circumstances.

I can thoroughly recommend him to assist any business with its strategic overhaul or repositioning exercise—Chairman


I’ll introduce you to a way of thinking about strategy that’s right for these times. One that brings together the best ideas about how to compete, how to deal with uncertainty, how to align and energize your people, and how to improve your performance.

My no-nonsense approach will help you:

  • Think about the changes affecting the future of your business
  • Challenge your strategic logic and your sacred cows
  • Explore options for new growth
  • Unclutter your agenda and identify the high-impact issues that will make the most critical difference
  • Craft and conduct an effective strategic conversation
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage through deep learning and continuous innovation
  • Get the results you want much faster than you thought you could
  • Develop the strategic IQ of your team, so you can do your own strategizing in future.

You won’t get a drawn-out process, a lot of buzzwords and fads, theories you can’t use, or promises of yet another “silver bullet” to solve all your problems. What you will get is:

  • Straight talk
  • Experience and common sense
  • A simple, sound, and practical way of thinking about strategy
  • Valuable insights, ideas, and advice
  • Clarity about your future focus and priorities
  • A compelling “strategy story” that wins stakeholder support
  • 30-day action plans and certainty about who will do what
  • A systematic, disciplined process for tracking performance

I’ll help you craft and conduct your strategic conversation in the way that will get you new results.  

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