Use my strategy wisdom to deal with your toughest business challenges.

For more than 30 years, leading organizations have called on my strategy knowledge, experience, and judgment.

During that time, I’ve had a ringside seat from which to watch executives wrestle with strategy. I’ve seen them struggle to make sense of a situation This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Tony-Manning-BW-hreadshot2IMG_7338-1024x781.jpgand find a way out of it. I’ve been there as they skipped from one fad to another, flailing desperately for “the solution.” I’ve listened to them argue about various processes for creating strategy. And I’ve learned first-hand how hard it is to turn good plans into action.

My clients have included leading companies in most industries—from retail and consumer goods to autos and finance, from mining, manufacturing and construction to ITC and healthcare. And I’ve worked on a wide range of assignments with teams and individuals from the boardroom to the shop floor.

I spent years working on change management, worker participation, productivity improvement, and customer service—turning strategy into action on the front line in factories, mines, and offices. Along the way, I dealt with top executives and trade unions, with scientists, sales people, accountants, and university professors who came to me with different problems requiring different solutions.


When I began consulting, I used tools that were popular at the time—vision and mission statements, values exercises, and so on. (As a result, and because of other expert views on these notions, I now have a serious aversion to them!) I also worked with ideas like Porter’s generic strategies and five forces, idealized design, and scenarios. And then there were core competence, hyper-competition, speed, resilience, reframing, blue oceans, disruption….

At the same time, I studied every aspect of management, talked to prominent thinkers to better understand their ideas, and kept looking for better answers. And I put big chunks of time every day into studying the environment—to understand the economy, politics, social trends, technology, and the host of other factors that impact on companies and competitiveness.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Tony-Manning_experience-1.pngAll this, plus my own time in the trenches as an executive, give me a keen sense of the issues managers must deal with, what they mean to people at every level, and how to deal with them.

I understand the complexities in business—and also how to cut through clutter and simplify things. I bring this hard-earned knowledge and experience to each new project–and I’ll bring it to your business too.

Along with consulting, there’s also business school lecturing and conference speaking, and an intensive programme of research and writing. All of which keeps me abreast of the latest management concepts, trends, and best practices.

This mix of practice and theory equips me to continually develop new insights and ideas, plus many unique tools—models, frameworks, and questionnaires—that are both powerful and practical.

Tony’s revolutionary and thought-provoking ideas were inspiring. He has taken a lot of time over the years to think things through.

…Gave a different dimension to the process of determining strategySenior Partners


With a background in advertising, marketing, and writing, my search for understanding is driven by a conviction that:

  • Business success is about making a difference for the right customers
  • Communication lies at the centre of business performance
  • Simpler is better

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Tony-Manning_Fanatical-simplicity.pngAs new ideas have come to market, I’ve asked, “What does this really mean? Does it make sense? Is there evidence to support it? How does it build on or fit with other ideas. How can it be used? Will busy managers actually be able to use it—and will it help them get the results they want? Is there a better way?

My uniquely simple, sound, and practical approach, based on Powerful Strategic Conversation, is the product of countless hours thinking about management matters, plus my experience in hundreds of consulting assignments and strategy workshops involving thousands of executives. And I keep testing it against the insights and opinions of leading researchers and thinkers.


  • 20 years of experience in media, advertising and marketing, including Chairman and CEO of the McCann-Erickson advertising agency in South Africa and head of Marketing for Coca-Cola in Southern and Central Africa.
  • Independent strategy specialist since 1987.
  • Council Member of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa from 1996-2003 and Chairman from 1999-2001. Fellow and Honorary Life Member since 2004.
  • Tony Manning book cover 2015 IMG_0602Author of 13 books on management: Communicating For Change, The New Age Strategist, Business Strategy In The New South Africa, World Class!, The Race To Learn, Radical Strategy, Making Sense of Strategy, Discovering The Essence of Leadership, Competing Through Value Management, Tony Manning’s Management Toolkit, Delivering The Dream, What’s Wrong With Management And How To Get It Right, and The Critical Core. (These books are used in universities, business schools, and major corporations.)
  • Editor of Trends Transforming South Africa.
  • Author of numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. Many guest appearances on radio and TV.
  • Lecturer on senior executive programmes at various universities and business schools. 
  • Keynote speaker at major conferences.

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